Zihan Shao (邵子涵)

I am a PhD student at Department of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego (UCSD). My research interest lie in Applied and Computational Mathematics including scientific computing, numerical analysis, and modeling&simulation. I'm particularly interested in their intersection with Machine Learning, such as scientific machine learning, data-driven modeling, mathematical foundation of machine learning.

Feb. 2024

The Graft-Versus-Host Problem for Data-driven Gravity Wave Parameterizations in a 1D Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Model
Published in Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meterological Society, 2024, Official Version to appear.
Shamir, O., D. S. Connelly, S. C. Hardiman, Z. Shao, L. M. Yang, and E. P. Gerber.


Expected Graduation: June, 2028

University of California, San Diego, California, United States
Ph.D. in Mathematics (Applied and Computational Mathematics)

May 2023

New York University Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Magna Cum Laude,Bachelor of Science (Honors), Honors Mathematics, Data Science (Double Major)

Research Projects

Please refer to Project part.

Working Expereinces

May 2020 - Oct. 2020

Developer, KaiznTree, Sydney(remote), Australia

Honors and Awards

Summer 2022

2022 Recognition Awards, NYU Shanghai

Summer 2022

2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program, NYU Courant

Summer 2021

2021 Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund (DURF), NYU Shanghai

2021 & 2022

Dean's List for Academic Year, NYU Shanghai

To see my full-length resume, please see [Resume]

Research Projects

Summer 2022

Data-driven parameterization for climate modeling (QBO-1D)
2022 Courant SURE program, with Prof. Edwin Gerber
Zihan Shao
[Code] [Poster] [Slides]

Fall 2021

Modeling of Cue Ball's Motion
Final project of MATH-UA 268 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, with Prof. K. Shafer Smith
Zihan Shao
[Report] [Demo]

Fall 2021

Efficiency in Semantic Segmantation
Final project of CSCI-2271 Computer Vision, with Prof. Rob Fergus
Zihan Shao, Muyang Xu, Qianyu Zhu
[Report] [Code]

Summer 2021

Hairy Ball Theorem and its Application
2021 Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund program, NYU Shanghai, with Prof. Siran Li
Zihan Shao, Jingyi Zhao, Yuqian Sun

Spring 2021

Light-Weighted Machine Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis
Final project of CSCI-SHU 360 Machine Learning, with Prof. Li Guo
Zihan Shao, Yuqian Sun
[Report] [Code]

Spring 2020

Self-designed Graphical User Interface for Chat Systems
Final Project of CSCI-SHU 101 Introduction to Computer Science, with Prof. Li Guo and Prof. Xianbin Gu
Zihan Shao, Yuqian Sun
[Github] [Demo]

Besides, I also regard myself as a...


I have started singing on some occasions once my voice ceased to embarrass others. Here are some examples to demonstrate. (As a math student, I try to be rigorous all the time)


Ranked 5 in 2020 Sing-off NYU Shanghai


Feat. Steve Sun
[Youtube] [Bilibili]


This work was done when I was in Xiaoshi High School, together with Yunzhe Hong, Nuo Xu, Yanqi Xie, Yihe Wang, Er Bei.

Stand-Up Comedian

Laugh is THE antidote of life. I'm a great fan of Stand-Up Comedy, Cross-Talks(相声), and humor in any form.

I once participated as cast member in 2020 NYU Shanghai Reality show, which was a musical introducing college life to freshmen. Unfortunately the video is not available due to licence issue. Here's the introduction

Literatue and History Lover (perhaps...)

I'm also a great fan of literature, especially ancient Chinese Literature. My favourite author is Zhang, Dai(张岱).


Check out these amazing friends of mine:

Xinhao Liu | 刘歆昊 (My Website is adapted from his with permission)